Our staff

Indochine Art collaborates with professionally respected, long-standing and well-accomplished visual artists, and experts in the fields of art research, art criticism, and art trading to found an Art Advisory Council.

Our Art Advisory Council is responsible for:

  • providing strategic advice for Indochine Art's artistic orienting activities and trading strategies;
  • providing professional consultancy for member artists;
  • providing commercial value consultancy for artworks published on Indochine Art.


Who are they?



born in 1949, known as an experienced lacquer painter in Vietnam, Ly Truc Son has taught lacquer art at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts, and has many years of practicing art in Europe. Ly Truc Son works on many different materials, and on each of which has left his own mark. His lacquer paintings take the theme and style of Vietnamese folk art, embraced by a nostalgia that is both familiar and uncanny, bring to viewers a strong sense of cultural history which often found only in poetry and literature. Ly Truc Son's lacquer paintings and paintings of Do paper are a great combination of materials, traditional techniques and experiments, metaphysical thinking of an artist who has much experienced in life, cultures, arts, and religions in both eastern and western world.

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born in 1955, Dao Chau Hai is one of Vietnam's leading sculptors after Doi Moi. Graduated from the renown Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, he used to hold many positions such as art professor, art manager, etc. As a sculptor, Dao Chau Hai has achieved certain achievements in a variety of materials. His works has changed through many different styles and languages from Realism and Expressionism in his early creation - which were influenced by Soviet sculpture and Russian constructivism - to geometric abstraction and conceptual art in recent period. In the context of Vietnamese sculpture, he is the pioneer who has brought vigorous innovation into art practicing and inspired a whole generation of young Vietnamese artists.

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born in 1963, Dang Tien is the President of the Hai Phong Fine Arts Association, a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, a member of the Vietnam Journalist Association and a member of the Hai Phong Arts and Literature Association. In addition to professional art practices, Dang Tien has worked for many years as an illustrator, the secretary of Hai Phong Press. Dang Tien's paintings are an unique blend of personal aesthetics and a sensitive soul before nature, especially the waterways of each land he has passed through, especially the land of his home town, Hai Phong. Dang Tien's landscape paintings often express a poignant, nostalgic, vague feeling even though it is hidden under a strong brush style represents the generous personality of Hai Phong's people.

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born in 1974, Vu Huy Thong is an art researcher and art critic, who has over 10 years experience working at the Institute of Fine Arts - Vietnam University of Fine Arts. His main focus in research and criticism activities is Modern and Contemporary Art. Vu Huy Thong often has his research, criticism articles and scientific works published on many art and culture periodicals and journals. In addition, Vu Huy Thong also participates in advisory, organizational and curatorial activities for many art events of different individuals and organizations inside and outside of Vietnam.

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