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Artist artwork

Thể loại: Painting
Chủ đề: WomenNudePeople
Phong cách: Abstract
Chất liệu: Lacquer

Artist information

Born in 1949, known as an experienced lacquer painter in Vietnam, Ly Truc Son has taught lacquer art at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts, and has many years of practicing art in Europe. Ly Truc Son works on many different materials, and on each of which has left his own mark. His lacquer paintings take the theme and style of Vietnamese folk art, embraced by a nostalgia that is both familiar and uncanny, bring to viewers a strong sense of cultural history which often found only in poetry and literature. Ly Truc Son's lacquer paintings and paintings of Do paper are a great combination of materials, traditional techniques and experiments, metaphysical thinking of an artist who has much experienced in life, cultures, arts, and religions in both eastern and western world.
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Water colors / 2018 / C 80 × R 60
Giới thiệu
Water colors / 2018 / C 80 × R 60

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Lacquer / 2020 / C 40 × R 60
Lacquer / 2020 / C 80 × R 60
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