Hoạt động nghệ thuật
Trinh Quoc Chien is a celebrity master in traditional lacquer materials. He is even not affected by predecessors to raise his own voice.
It is seemed that each painting of Trinh Quoc Chien contains a secret. It is not simply a flat surface, the space of his paintings is normally divided and separated in different areas. It is quite easy to recognize some drawings, motifs and patterns in any places of his works: Goddess of Mercy, hands, lotus, bells, pearls, eyes, human faces, a sequence like Dong Son drums... All of them become mysterious and complex as a system of signs which has not be decoded, a map of the domain which has not been named. Dismantling the traditional symbols from its context and then recombine in another method, each painting with the artist is a solitary journey, a confidence, a sense to turn itself in the old soul with distant consciousness. The paintings seem to be an inner cultivation of the artist and a spiritual habitat in daily life.